It takes time and maturity to develop an employee into a top performer. And more than ever you must take people‘s individual plans into account as well so that their careers come closer to what they consider their vocation and/or personal expectations and beliefs. Group interventions have their own limits here.

One-to-one coaching – personal and virtual – can make it possible to identify growth impediments, analyze potentials, strenghten strenghts and leverage an individual development process: the supervisor and the staff member/talent jointly assess the person‘s task maturity (ability and control) and psychological maturity (attitude, identification, motivation, courage) and build on this aligned assessment to plan the development steps on three levels: Self-Awareness (Me), Personality (You and I) and Leadership (You through Me).

Continuous support and regular evaluationss according to jointly defined criteria ensure that the process moves to a successful conclusion and that the person‘s actions and behaviors become more professional and effective in terms of your organisational goals.

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